Meet the Youth Media Team


Say hello to the Youth Media Team of 2015. These five faces are behind the words, filming and editing of our interviews with services and principals about mental health supports in school.


I’m a blogger, activist, music lover and general internet addict. I’m a passionate vegan, as I often remind my friends and I enjoy nothing more than an angry rant on Tumblr.

I first heard about the Youth Media Team when one of my teachers emailed me excitedly, and then proceeded to nag me for weeks until I’d applied. I was so, so excited about this opportunity and even more thrilled when I was invited to be a part of the team. Social activism and working in the not-for-profit sector is something that I’ve been longing to do, and this position was the perfect way to start my career.

One of the main areas that I focus on in my activism is mental health. As one of the one in five young people living with a mental illness, I realise the impact that a mental health condition can have on a person’s education and social life. I decided to turn a dark period in my life into something that myself and others can learn from, and I hope that I can continue doing this in the future.

I am incredibly passionate about all things social justice, as well as animal rights and the environment.

In my ideal world, students would have access to quality support services, and be able to learn in a safe, judgement free environment, where everyone is equal, regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, ethnicity or religion.


I am thrilled to be given the chance to be with a team that deals with such crucial, relevant and too often ignored issues, affecting so many people’s lives today. Being part of the Youth Media Team means that I am able to do what I am passionate about while getting involved and giving back to the community.

Mental health is something that has always been interesting to me and I have always known that when I ‘grew up’ I was going to help other people.  Having strong connections within the mental health system has given me a sense of purpose in helping out other in situations of need. Being directly affected by mental health issues and knowing others who have also suffered means that I am very passionate to spread awareness of the importance of mental health.

I am a passionate youth activist, advocating at both a local and national level and hope to lead a career of advocacy in the future. In my ideal world students would feel safe in their school environment and would always have a service they could access within the school that they feel both welcome and listened too in.


My name is Isabel and I am a digital media and political fanatic. I also love music and will hardly ever be seen without headphones in my ears.

I have been doing photography for five years and have been to Japan with photography. I love taking photos of life and things and people interacting. I also enjoy creating sureal images that make you need to look twice.

I have arguably been studying politics since childhood. Growing up in a house  where we watch question time like clockwork when we’re home. I’m extremely interested in government and how we work out how we run our society.

I am also very passionate about mental heath issues and rights as they effect me and the people that I care about. I have depression, anxiety and paranoia and have first hand experienced the stigma and gone through school with a mental health issues.

When I heard about the Youth Media Team project I thought that it was a fantastic way to mesh my different interests in a way that can help people. I am also passionate about gender equality and women’s rights particularly in regards to pay and representation. In my ideal world people would feel safe with seeking assistance with their problems and people would not be discriminated on.


I joined the Youth Media Team because it seemed to be a good way to learn more about youth issues and meet with other young people who are passionate about the same issues that I am.

Mental health, one of these, is such a prevalent problem in today’s society – so many people are affected by it, and often they have limited support available. One other issue that I am very interested in and concerned with is equality, on a very broad scale – it is very important to me that everyone be treated the same way.

In my ideal world, students would be supported at school for their mental health very carefully and personally – everyone should have at least one person that they can talk to about anything and everything, especially about how they are feeling.


I’m a Year 11 student, who has many interests, including drama, music, art and media. I developed a passion for social justice throughout my years at school.

Over the last few years, participating in debates, community radio stations as a broadcaster and several other community events, I have further developed my passion for youth issues. In particular, I’m passionate about mental health, the reality of which has been brought forth due to its wide prevalence amongst school students.

When the opportunity to join the Youth Coalition came up, I was eager to get involved so that I could share my passion with other members of the community. I use personal tribulations in regards to mental health as motivation to help and educate others, and the Youth Coalition served as a fantastic organisation and platform to help others do the same.