Oasis Youth Services supports young people aged 16-25 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They deliver the Youth Emergency Accommodation Network with a crisis accommodation service in four regions of the ACT: North Canberra; Belconnen; Weston Creek; and, Tuggeranong.

Some of the young people supported by Oasis attend the Big Picture program at Canberra College, which provides a flexible individualised curriculum and project based learning environment for students.

Oasis works closely with Canberra College to support students to remain engaged with school and the program. Oasis provides shelter, food and support that means young people can maintain their engagement with education, while the Big Picture program provides a flexible learning environment that is tailored to their needs and interest.

‘For the young people in our service, our relationship with their school demonstrates that there is a network of services who care about them and want them to do well.’

The relationship between Oasis and Canberra College is built on good communication between the service, the school and the young person. Oasis staff and teachers communicate via email and phone several times a week, which allows the service and school to provide a holistic response when an issue arises in the school environment.

The relationship is also possible because the service, the school and the young person develop and maintain common goals. Transparency and honesty are also important for Oasis and the school to remain accountable to each other and the young person. 

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