The Wrap Around program funded by Woden Community Service seeks to engage young people aged 8-25 years in education, training or employment, with a special focus on early intervention for young people aged 8-11yrs. Wrap Around supports young people through group work and case management, to successfully transition to high school, build resilience and self-esteem, set educational and employment goals, and re-engage with school.

Wrap Around works in both primary schools and high schools, running groups and providing case management support for young people from year 2 through to tertiary education.

Wrap Around school groups are designed in consultation with schools to meet the specific needs that have been identified in their students.  The school groups consist of discussions, activities and games designed to promote qualities which allow students to fully engage and succeed at school.

‘Wrap Around has had the privilege of working with schools which are actively identifying the needs of their students and creating a supportive and caring environment for their students and families by forming strong support networks.’

Several referrals for case management with Wrap Around have arisen from school groups for students who would benefit from one-on-one support.  The existing relationship between Wrap Around and the schools and students creates a comfortable transition for students into case management as well as permitting continual and thorough educational support.

The Wrap Around program has also been enthusiastically embraced by teachers and staff who have actively participated in the school groups, and who have continued to promote the ideas presented during the program throughout the school curriculum.