I am thrilled to be given the chance to be with a team that deals with such crucial, relevant and too often ignored issues, affecting so many people’s lives today. Being part of the Youth Media Team means that I am able to do what I am passionate about while getting involved and giving back to the community.

Mental health is something that has always been interesting to me and I have always known that when I ‘grew up’ I was going to help other people.  Having strong connections within the mental health system has given me a sense of purpose in helping out other in situations of need. Being directly affected by mental health issues and knowing others who have also suffered means that I am very passionate to spread awareness of the importance of mental health.

I am a passionate youth activist, advocating at both a local and national level and hope to lead a career of advocacy in the future. In my ideal world students would feel safe in their school environment and would always have a service they could access within the school that they feel both welcome and listened too in.