My name is Isabel and I am a digital media and political fanatic. I also love music and will hardly ever be seen without headphones in my ears.

I have been doing photography for five years and have been to Japan with photography. I love taking photos of life and things and people interacting. I also enjoy creating surreal images that make you need to look twice.

I have arguably been studying politics since childhood. Growing up in a house  where we watch question time like clockwork when we’re home. I’m extremely interested in government and how we work out how we run our society.

I am also very passionate about mental heath issues and rights as they affect me and the people that I care about. I have dealt with negative mental health issues and have first hand experienced the stigma and gone through school with these issues.

When I heard about the Youth Media Team project I thought that it was a fantastic way to mesh my different interests in a way that can help people. I am also passionate about gender equality and women’s rights particularly in regards to pay and representation. In my ideal world people would feel safe with seeking assistance with their problems and people would not be discriminated on.